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Welcome to the People4ponies website

Visit our blog at www.people4ponies.blogspot.com

People4ponies is an equine charity based in Devon specialising in helping wild and traumatised ponies. As well as being home to ponies that are too traumatised by their experiences of people to find "normal homes", we are very pro-active and successful with our campaigning work.

We work to create changes that make a real difference to the ponies - by getting a ban on mutilating identification procedures (such as ear notching and hot branding) and improving welfare standards at markets.

We also help train others in the special methods we use for working with wild ponies - including the Animal Rescue division of our regional Fire Brigade. Our charity is run entirely by volunteers and every penny we raise goes directly on the ponies and helping with our campaigning work.

We are very grateful to our patrons Neil Parish MP (for Tiverton and Honiton); and Vanessa Bee (of Positiive Horsemanship and The Horse Agility Club) for their support.

To keep up with all our latest news, please visit our blog, which you can find here: http://www.people4ponies.blogspot.com

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